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An experiment in constraints, Draw is a space where users can create artwork by drawing, or building works of art with a limited number of randomly colored shapes.

live site

Draw is a self-initiated project I worked on over the summer of 2012 to teach myself HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Conceptually, Draw is an experiment in constraints. It is a space where users can create artwork by drawing, or building, with a limited number of shapes. I intentionally withheld options to change the canvas size, “brush” size, and color in order to emphasize the use of shape. The color of each shape is randomly generated to further nudge the user to think creatively and differently about what they are creating. I hoped the unexpected experience Draw provides would get users thinking differently about shape and space

You can see the live site here although currently the “Save drawing” feature is not functional.

Below are screenshots of drawings created by me and some friends.

Clicking on a shape in the tools panel will let the user draw with that shape. Clicking the eraser lets the user draw over shapes that exist to get rid of them. Clicking clear removes all shapes from the canvas. Eraser or Clear can be accessed by pressing 'E' or 'C', respectively, on the keyboard.

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